Toddler Class

Toddler Class

Requirements: 18-30 months, and self feeding (no bottles, but sippy cups are permitted). We provide morning and afternoon snack, and provide help with early potty training skills.

At Kimber Hills we understand the value of early childhood education at the preschool level, and partner with parents to achieve the very best goals for their children. We’ve created a nurturing environment that encourages children to understand themselves, and the world around them. Kimber Hills aims to create a positive, lifelong love of learning that will carry your child through elementary school and beyond.

At Kimber Hills Preschool, we provide a Core Knowledge environment that centers on oral language development, and builds upon things that fascinate children – the places and things they are eager to explore, and the concepts, skills, and social relationships that they are trying to understand. A Core Knowledge environment will provide your toddler with the ability to be independent, express their opinions, make decisions, and expand their horizons.

Building a large vocabulary allows children to engage more with their peers, make friends, get along with others, and cooperate to achieve common goals. Our student to teacher ratio is 6:1, this allows our teachers to interact with your toddler one-on-one, more effectively supporting their language development skills.

Toddlers are also very observant. In our toddler classroom, we leverage their natural curiosity to make learning fun. By building on this inquisitive stage of development, we encourage the children to be engaged observers. Some activities your toddler will engage in include: sensory tables (with a variety of items – rice, bird seed, pumpkin seeds, fake snow), art projects (gluing, painting,etc.), playdough, singing and dancing, playing house, building with blocks, scavenger hunts, and balloon volleyball.

Your toddler will have access to skill-building learning stations throughout the day. Our Toddler Class Discovery Stations include:

Sensory Station: where toddlers can develop fine motor skills and explore different materials.
Blocks Station: where toddlers can practice early stem skills, stacking and building.
Kitchen Play Station: where toddlers can step through dramatic play with peers.
Book Station: where toddlers can develop early literacy skills and interests
Arts Station: where toddlers can experiment with creative expression using a variety of different materials and mediums.

Our Toddler Class also visits our Kimber Hills Play Yard for outside recess. Our elaborate Play Yard provides developmentally appropriate and engaging opportunities to run, jump, and practice gross motor skills.

Toddler Class

18 months - 30 months

At KHP, we build on the momentum of your toddler’s learning and natural curiosity and help them learn at their own pace. Our teachers form strong, caring relationships with your toddler and guide them through learning experiences that stimulate their development and reinforce skills they’re taught at home.


Skills That Children Will Learn

As infants become toddlers, their needs evolve. Our program evolves as well with increasingly complex activities and more challenging outdoor environments. Our toddler experiences promote:

  • Physical Development & Wellness
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Biblical Curriculum
  • Communication

Daily Schedule

What your toddler does each day

The toddler classroom provides a structured daily schedule to help our young children learn. Each classroom provides opportunities for structures activities, story and circle time, music and movement, guided play, mealtimes, and rest time.

  • Arrival
  • Discovery Centers
  • Circle Time
  • Recess Time
  • Snack Time
  • Discovery Centers
  • Bible Circle
  • Lunch Time
  • Rest Time/Quiet Time
  • Snack Time
  • Recess Time
  • Discovery Centers

Toddler Tuition

Fall Session: August 16, 2023 - August 2, 2024
Ages 18 mo. – 30 mo.
Core Day
$1672/ Month
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Full Day
$1788/ Month
Monday – Friday
7:00am – 6:00pm

(ALL schedules are 5 day schedules ONLY)


A $175.00 non-refundable Application Fee MUST accompany each new application.  This is a one-time fee that pays for administrative processing of the application.  Your application will NOT be considered until the application fee has been received.


A $175.00 non-refundable Re-Enrollment Fee MUST accompany each re-enrollment.  This is a one-time fee that pays for administrative processing.  Your re-enrollment will NOT be considered until the re-enrollment fee has been received.

  • Current students who are re-enrolled during PRIORITY ENROLLMENT will have their enrollment fee discounted to $125.
  • A family having two or more students enrolled in Kimber Hills Preschool is eligible for a Multiple Student Tuition Discount.  Each toddler or preschool student of a multiple student family enrolled in a core or full day schedule will receive a $500 discount per child per year on their tuition (applied monthly September – June).
    • Effective September – June.
  • PREPAID ANNUAL TUITION PLAN (available for Fall Session only)
      • To receive a 3% discount, pay tuition in full by setting up a one-time EFT.
  • PREPAID SEMI-ANNUAL TUITION PLAN (available for Fall Session only)
      • To receive a 2% discount, make TWO semi-annual equal payments by setting up an EFT by.
  • Should a student enroll after the first day of school, tuition will be prorated according to the first date of attendance.  Parents MUST enroll in the Automatic Tuition Payment Plan at the time of enrollment.  The monthly payment will be prorated by the Kimber Hills Preschool Finance Office.
    • Students enrolling between the 1st and 15th of the month will pay FULL tuition for the month.
    • Students enrolling between the 16th and the 31st of the month will pay ONE HALF month’s tuition.