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Letter From the Director

At Kimber Hills Preschool we want to provide the best learning experience for you and your child. This is a place for children to grow in an educational and nurturing environment. We love helping children develop a joy for learning, constructive work habits, and positive virtues. But most of all, we’re a family. We are a family centered around helping your child thrive, and supporting you, as parents, on your incredible journey of raising a child.

Our campus is a beautiful location for young minds to grow. We are thrilled to be able to provide a spacious, innovative, and modern learning habitat for our early scholars. In addition to engaging classrooms, we are able to offer a fully outfitted Play Yard to our little students.

As director here at Kimber Hills Preschool, I’m passionate about children, teaching, and child development. I have over 15 years of experience teaching early childhood education, working in various roles training teaching staff, and working with after school programs. I love to see a child’s eyes when they figure out they can do something they never thought they could before, and being a part of helping them to believe in themselves. We are helping to instill the foundation of a child’s school career. This is reflected in our center by the high standards that are set for my teachers. It is also reflected in my love of being in the classroom and modeling for my teachers ways to be able to connect with each child so each child feels important.

I would like to invite you to open a world of opportunity for your child by joining the Kimber Hills family. We can’t wait to meet you and your child.

Beth Bromley

Welcome to Kimber Hills Preschool

A Christian Preschool In Fremont California

Kimber Hills Preschool is an extension of your home and our church.

Our Christian Preschool program provides a wide variety of activities to enhance each child’s opportunities to play and learn. We emphasize a “hands-on learning” approach. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed where each child’s self-esteem is strengthened, and opportunities are given to promote independence and success.

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We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through academic excellence and quality instruction.

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