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Summer Programs


Masterminds for K-5

(For children who have completed Kindergarten-5th grade.)

7 Weeks – June 26 – August 11

Call at (510) 651 KIDS

Steps to enroll your child in our exciting summer program:


1.       Register your child and pay the registration fee



2.       Choose which week(s) your child will attend with or without EDC




3.       Bring your child on the first day to have a great time!


*On your first day, please come to the front office to fill out an emergency/allergy/EDC form.

NEW Pricing

  $77 registration fee

  $250 per week for KHA families (EDC included)

  $295 per week for non KHA families (EDC included)

What is Extended Day Care?

Extended Day Care (EDC) provides a safe and secure environment for your child before and after the summer program hours.  With EDC, your child may be dropped off as early as 7:00am.  After the program ends at 2:30pm, your child may stay until 6:00pm.  EDC will close at 6:00pm sharp.  A late fee of $10 per minute will begin at 6:01pm.

Summer Sched

What is Your Forensics I.Q? (Grades 4-5)

The children will investigate a crime scene mystery; they find evidence, meet suspects, and investigate the evidence to come up with their own explanations of what happened—just like real forensic scientists do.


Scholarly STEM Scientists Make Sense (Grades K-5)

This program is a hands-on collection of experiments that blend academic content with curiosity-building activities. Using ordinary materials, these activities ask students to look at how things work and how they change.  The students will study bubbles and rainbows, investigate optical illusions, and test the effects of static electricity. While the young scientists make a mess, they ask questions and discover answers—and they develop a variety of skills, from measuring and classifying to predicting, experimenting, and forming hypotheses.


Use Your Brain Cells & Code (Grades K-5)

Anybody can learn and we want to see that happen!  The students will be able to learn this computer-science by using a variety of internet resources and programs to teach them to code.  Coding is becoming one of the most sought after skill across the industry and we want to enable your child with this 21st century skill to lead the next innovative project of the future.  Start here.


Kidz Lit Lumosity (Grades K-5)

This course is designed to increase young people’s motivation to read and build their literacy skills by improving their cognitive abilities. At the same time, it develops core values of helpfulness, fairness, personal responsibility, and respect for others.  The students will build stamina to read and possibly develop book clubs to discuss stories with other students.  This program is aligned with the Common Core and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards.


Enhance your Number Power for the Cranium (Grades K-5)

Number Power lessons are based on the assumption that children learn about the world through everyday interactions with their environment and with others.   These math talks and tasks are Academic while allowing for social learning to be integrated naturally.  The students will grasp the power of numbers!


Mental Money Monsters… Mind Their Manners (Grades K-5)

The students will be exposed to basic money skills, personal finance, business and life skills.  Each child will learn the importance of being financially literate through developmental lessons that are appropriate for each age group.  Underlying themes of spending, saving and tithing may also be included to learn to mind their money manners!


Brainpower Basics for the PC/MAC (Grades K-5)

Let’s face it, in this techy world the students must know basic keyboarding, terminology and be equipped with basic software knowledge. We want the students to know how to implement and design with technology to not only enhance their learning, but to enhance the learning of others!  The projects will be developmentally based according to each age group and may vary.

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