Fall Family Festival

Join us on October 31, for the Fremont Community Church Fall Family Festival and Trunk or Treat from 5p.m. to 8p.m. Some fun activities will be Face Painting, Jump Houses and the Cake Walk. Don’t make dinner, you can purchase a BBQ dinner from the Kimber Hills Academy 8th grade class. Dinner tickets available now in the Ministry Support Center Office.


Lessons from a 3-Year-Old By Trina Pockett About eight years ago, my husband and I completed a church internship in Juneau, Alaska. I could tell you a thousand wonderful things that we learned that summer, but there is one profound story that will stick to my soul until I die. The lesson I learned didn’t come from reading a book on theology or words
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Your Words Can Foster a Love for Learning

As parents do you feel the pressure of trying to enrich your child’s environment and education with extracurricular activities and yet still wonder whether or not you are doing what you need to do to develop in your child a motivation to be a life-long learner? Eric Sheninger, the principal at New Milford High School and a 2012 NASSP Digital Principal Award winner, writes
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Providing a Successful Educational Experience for Your Child

Each year we assess our preschool students for kindergarten readiness. As we assess we are looking for overall developmental readiness as well as the ability to speak and understand sufficient English to successfully master the curriculum in our kindergarten classrooms. Occasionally a student will assess well developmentally but will exhibit significant difficulty with the English language skills required to be successful in our kindergarten
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Parenting styles play an important role in a child’s development. This article explains the four different styles of parenting and the effect they have on a child’s development outcome. To read more CLICK HERE

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