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What a Year!

Kimber Hills Academy certainly knows how to celebrate the end of a fabulous school year! From Band and Sports Awards’ Night to kindergarten and 8th grade graduation, our students are honored and celebrated for their many talents and outstanding accomplishments. The plethora of awarded certificates, plaques, and trophies represent a student body that strives for excellence and desires to do their very best.

Closing out the academic year, our students have many opportunities to participate in hand-on learning through field trips that are life changing and transforming. In lower elementary, our first graders visit My New Red Shoes and learn to be the “hands” and “feet” of Jesus. Our Middle School travels to Roaring Camp Railroads to experience the Civil War and 19th Century history. The culmination of the school year for 8th graders is their eight day trip to Washington D.C. There they will understand that the beginnings of our country were started by a dedicated group of men with a strong faith in God.

2014-2015 was an amazing school year! Congratulations to all our students for a job well done!


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