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RenWeb’s ParentsWeb

RENWEB (School Management System) 

KHA is now using RenWeb as a school-wide management system to allow administrators, parents, and teachers to communicate more effectively. Admission, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, class assignments, and homework are among some of the processes that RenWeb supports. This is consistent with the school’s philosophy that parents are responsible for their student’s education and therefore need to be constantly aware of the academic and spiritual progress that is taking place at school.  Home correspondence may occur by means of notes that are sent home, comments on assignments that have been graded, email communication, telephone calls, and of course through RenWeb via ParentsWeb.  Parents are urged to take the necessary action to assist in the educational process, and any comments and suggestions regarding the progress and development of a student are certainly welcome.


Parentsweb is the online portal to KHA’s school management system and allows parents to access their child/ren assignments, homework, grades, attendance, school calendar/announcements, newsletter, fieldtrip information, etc. Teachers may also post resources, class links, and photos on ParentWeb. Accessing ParentsWeb can either be done by clicking the RenWeb icon Image on the school’s website (kimberhills.org) or by going to renweb.com then clicking Login/ParentsWeb. Parents will first need to create an account with the email they provided at the front office. For detailed instructions on logging in please click here.  After logging in, ensure that the family information is correct. You may correct it yourself or contact the front office if correction is needed. Parents are encouraged to log on to ParentsWeb on a regular basis. RenWeb has made this easier by also creating a smartphone apps for both iOS and Android. Visit our ParentsWeb login page for more information on the apps.  Also, a video tutorial has been created to help you become more familiar with ParentsWeb. Click here to watch the video. Afterwards forward to 11/33 as the login information is outdated. Instead follow the instructions on logging in from the link provided above.


Each week, the school office will send out the Weekly Howl online notifying parents of any important school-wide information.  The Howl is accessible on RenWeb and also a copy will be sent to your email weekly. Parents are responsible for the information contained in the Weekly Howl.


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