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Hugh Steps Toward Less Paper

The beginning of the school year brought great excitement particularly with the 7-8th grade classes. Each student was given a MacBook in our kickoff to our 1:1 Laptop Program. Students were required to go through a two-day training before they were issued the laptops. What came to a surprise for the middle school staff wasn’t that students each had laptops, nor was it that Wi-Fi was working well (a topic I will write at a later time). It was the ease and excitement of the student completing assignments, turning them in, graded, finishing another, and collaborating all without printing a single paper. Assignments were created online using Edmodo, which provided options of uploading documents, text box for direct input of instructions, Quiz and Poll creation.

With this arsenal, we had all we needed for students to demonstrate proficiency in tech skills and not a single paper in sight. After the training, all the Middle School teachers started using Edmodo as part of their curriculum and I have noticed a drastic change in the amount of printed paper. My office is right across one of the printers. Last year it seemed like there was a steady flow of teachers picking up their print job. This year, I would be surprised to see more than 2 teachers printing.


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