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Four Days Not Once a Week!

IMG_9104A few months ago I decided to talk to some of the teachers about using our laptop cart more in their classrooms. Since this year our 7th and 8th grade students went 1:1 laptop, our laptop cart, which has several MacBook Airs, is used a little less than the previous year. Three of the teachers were not aware of this and immediately took advantage of the opportunity. After the first week of activities with student using the laptops, these teachers decided this is the way to go and scheduled having the laptop cart 4 days every week for the rest of the school year! As a result, I have seen students more engaged and excited about completing their assignments. Computers are now part of the learning process instead of a separate activity. Students are learning valuable technology skills – keyboarding, graphics manipulation, paper formatting, research skills, and internet safety to name a few. One of the teachers mentioned to me that she was able to see exactly what the students are capable. Prior to having the laptop cart more, some students required blog posts were being completed by parents instead of the students. Now that students complete them in class, the teacher sees a more authentic assessment of their skills. Another teacher told me that, at first, it was hard to incorporate technology in the class because students just wanted to “play”. Now students are the ones giving her suggestions on how technology can be used in their Math, Science, and Bible times. We have teachers that will independently search out ways to integrate technology in their class I as did when I taught 4th grade. There are others that need a little push. Afterwards, they are never the same and will never go back to the way it used to be.


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