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Do you feel as if life is such a whirlwind?

Do you feel as if life is such a whirlwind? It is especially frustrating when after one week into summer vacation, back-to-school ads are being advertised and Christmas decorations are on display before Halloween. It makes it difficult when you feel that you cannot even live in the moment and that type of frenzy takes a toll on everyone.

As I look back over the years now that my own children are adults, I want to encourage you to make the most of each season of life especially during this Christmas season. I came across an insightful article with some sage advice from Shirley Dobson of Focus on the Family.

“The Christmas holiday season is nothing short of magical, especially for families with small children in the household. As adults we can easily forget the wonder and anticipation of the lights…and the promises of unexpected gifts…To create memories that will last a lifetime…we must reinvent the wonder of Christmas in ourselves and provide for them an environment where the miracle of a special family Christmas can blossom.”

Mrs. Dobson shares some of her favorite things to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and encourages families to spend time together. So whatever season you might be celebrating, find those special pockets to build family memories that will last a lifetime! Read more at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk


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