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Parenting styles play an important role in a child’s development. This article explains the four different styles of parenting and the effect they have on a child’s development outcome. To read more CLICK HERE

Just Playing

Just Playing By Anita Wadley from Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul When I’m building in the block room, please don’t think I’m “just playing.” For, you see, I’m learning as I play about balance and shapes. When I’m getting all dressed up, setting the table, caring for the babies, don’t get the idea I’m “just playing.” For, you see, I’m learning as I
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Did You Know?

Did you know that when your child is building and stacking with blocks they are learning very important math readiness skills? Even though it looks like play, blocks help children discriminate between shapes and size. Children are able to learn how equal parts can make a whole. Blocks are great for helping children to understand the concepts of measuring length and determining the value
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A Time of Reflection

In just a few short weeks, it will be time to celebrate Thanksgiving! As we approach this time of the year, we are reminded to count our blessings. God has blessed each of us in countless ways! One thing that I am most thankful for is the people that God has brought into my life. Think about that for a moment. Think about your
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Beyond Open House

Open House is a tradition that marks the beginning of a celebratory season at Kimber Hills Academy.  It is a time of reflection and recognition as we honor the accomplishments of our students. For our parents, our teachers, and our school, it is a moment of tremendous pride. From Open House to the last day of school, the culmination of all that our students
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