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Do you feel as if life is such a whirlwind?

Do you feel as if life is such a whirlwind? It is especially frustrating when after one week into summer vacation, back-to-school ads are being advertised and Christmas decorations are on display before Halloween. It makes it difficult when you feel that you cannot even live in the moment and that type of frenzy takes a toll on everyone. As I look back over
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U B4 Me

At Kimber Hills Academy, we not only strive to build academically excellent students, but students who can stand apart from others in character amidst a current culture of self-centeredness and entitlement. This is not a natural tendency for it is contrary to human nature. For the month of November – a month that also reminds us to reflect our gratitude and thanksgiving for what
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Your Words Can Foster a Love for Learning

As parents do you feel the pressure of trying to enrich your child’s environment and education with extracurricular activities and yet still wonder whether or not you are doing what you need to do to develop in your child a motivation to be a life-long learner? Eric Sheninger, the principal at New Milford High School and a 2012 NASSP Digital Principal Award winner, writes
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Christian Schools: Is Your Investment Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if sending your children to a Christian school is a worthwhile investment?  I came across this insightful article from Dan Egeler, EdD, the President of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  He shares one couple’s journey and the questions they asked before they decided their children should attend a Christian School.  Their questions may also be questions that you may
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“The bright side of blunders: Why we should let kids fail.”

Years ago as a mother of school age children and even now as a parent of three grown adult men, I always desire their best not wanting them to fail.  As parents we love to see our kids succeed in all they do, whether they are 10 years old or 25… giving an oral presentation at their new job or finger painting in kindergarten. 
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