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Technical Manager at Fremont Community Church and Kimber Hills Academy. He is a Licensed Minister, teaches the Technology Elective for the upper middle school, and is the director of the Digital Arts program.

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Website Training 100: Intro to WordPress and Change Password

  Lesson Description What’s a WordPress? How do I use one? How can they expect ME to manage a website? This lesson will “hopefully” answer these questions, along with showing you how to change your password and update your profile information. After you watch this video (full-screen will be much easier to see), feel free to email me and I’ll be glad to help.
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Website Training 102: Adding to the Media Library

Lesson Description We often want to make a file available to some online, or post a new brochure. We even need to update forms to reflect changes in procedure. After this lesson you should have the ability to add media like these files to our website, and create a link for our users to access it. After you watch this video (full-screen will be
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Website Training 101: Calendar Events and Pages

This lesson only applies to the MSC and School Office. Most other people don’t need to worry about “Calendar Events” so there’s a lot in this lesson that is irrelevant to most people. Lesson Description This lesson is intended to give you a basic understanding of how to enter new calendar events in the calendar located on the homepage. I also cover the process
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