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Meet our staff:

Kimber Hills Academy teachers and staff are some of the very best, most dedicated educators in the area. They provide the School and its students with a number of critical skills, to include:

Introducing New Technologies.

Our leadership and teachers incorporate consumer and business technologies into the everyday learning environment at Kimber Hills Academy so that students can continuously utilize and master the commonplace tools and breakthrough innovations reshaping their world.

Working as a Community.

Working together as part of a collaborative, school-wide community, our expert, caring teachers devote themselves every day to engaging, understanding, nurturing, motivating, and growing each student.

Facilitating Interactive Learning.

Kimber Hills Academy teachers immerse students into the lessons of the day, transforming classroom learning into an interactive experience where the seeds of love, compassion, creativity and confidence are planted every single day into every one of our students.

Applying Discipline.

Kimber Hills Academy teachers are consistent and unbiased in applying firm but constructive discipline to all students of every grade level in order to maintain a safe, open-minded and bully-free learning environment.

Reaching Students Through Educational Therapy.

Our onsite team of educational therapists works closely with individual Kimber Hills Academy students and their families to identify and address select learning challenges so that each student may reach their individual, God-given potential.

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