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School Accomplishments

Since Kimber Hills Academy opened its doors in 1980, we have seen growth, academic achievement, award winning performances, competitions and Christian character development in our students as they reach out to the world around them for Jesus Christ.

Association of Christian Schools International Competitions

Annually our students compete in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Speech, Math, Spelling, Science, Band, ACSI District Girls and Boys Sports – Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and have received awards and trophies.  Our students placed in these competition and have taken home top honors.

KHA in the Community

We have been recognized as the Best in Fremont private school and Kimber Hills Preschool has been voted as the Best in Fremont for 4 consecutive years. We received top honors in Art in the “Celebrate Fremont’s 50th Anniversary Celebration” in 2006.  The student created art quilt featured favorite Fremont landmarks, was awarded First Place. KHA Middle School took top honors in the “Great America Roller Coaster Physics Competition” for 3 consecutive years.  Students submit “engineered” models of their own roller coasters demonstrating laws of Physics.

Student participation in community outreach is ongoing, sharing with the less fortunate in our community.  Clothing drives, sharing food, collecting recyclables, and warm clothing, etc. are some of our student projects.  KHA students have also accompanied Fremont Community Church Missions MInistry on short term missions in Africa and Florida (after Hurricane Katrina).

The Unique KHA Experience

KHA’s Discovery Center (National Institute of Learning Development) offering therapy and counseling for student who have learning needs, is the only center of its kind in the Bay Area.  Since 1998, students have received one on one therapy  which gives them skills and understanding of their learning styles.  Many have graduated from this program as well.  With confidence in their ability to self advocate, Discovery students have been successful in high school, college and beyond. [link to Discovery Center]

KHA celebrates our US Armed Forces Veterans annually in our Annual Veterans Day Chapel featuring Veteran guest speakers and video presentations honoring those who have given their lives to the service of our country.  Veterans from our community are invited to this special Chapel where they are honored annually. Our annual Preschool – 5th grade musicals showcase our drama and the musical talents of our choirs, soloists, band soloists and band.

Additionally, KHA hosts Science Fair and Evening of the Arts, displaying science experiments and student research in physics, biology, chemistry, biology, etc.  “Evening of the Arts” which includes Kimber Hills Preschool, allows our families to share in hands on Art Experiences where our students perform and demonstrate different Art forms including dance, drawing, weaving, sculpting, drama, speech, etc.

KHA Alumni Pride

Our alumni include professionals in medicine, education, engineering, civil service:  (peace officers, fire fighters, paramedics), human resources, financial institutions, law, environmental concerns, park services, armed forces and much more.  We have had alumni return as teachers and interns at KHA as well.

The goal in all these events, competitions, programs, projects, etc. is to open the minds of our student to the world that God created so they can explore, understand and contribute.  It is also our goal to develop, showcase and celebrate unique talents and gifts of our students and to experience the blessings of giving of ourselves to those in need.  We want to help create a generation that will reflect their love of God to all of His people throughout the world.

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